Friday, December 16, 2011

Hit your gspot people!

Haven't really been around much, life's been busy with well.. the usual. December and the stress it brings isn't making things better.. A lot going on that i might end up explaining later.. maybe not, we'll see.

Got something that takes some of the stress off thou. Not too long ago a new box from Eden ended up in my local post office. Always exciting to see what it contains. This time it was a g-spot vibrator. Cute little thing that doesn't make too much noise and sure does the trick. Not as good as the little fun thing i got last time but its still awesome. A bit too plastic ish for my taste but at least it doesn't have one of those weird rubbery smells which is always a good thing.

Thanks Eden for my new sextoy

Even if i'm not a active writer at the moment i do still read your blogs, hard to stop once you started.
Easy to get addicted for sure.

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  1. I have no idea what the hell this website is or how I got here.