Friday, December 16, 2011

Hit your gspot people!

Haven't really been around much, life's been busy with well.. the usual. December and the stress it brings isn't making things better.. A lot going on that i might end up explaining later.. maybe not, we'll see.

Got something that takes some of the stress off thou. Not too long ago a new box from Eden ended up in my local post office. Always exciting to see what it contains. This time it was a g-spot vibrator. Cute little thing that doesn't make too much noise and sure does the trick. Not as good as the little fun thing i got last time but its still awesome. A bit too plastic ish for my taste but at least it doesn't have one of those weird rubbery smells which is always a good thing.

Thanks Eden for my new sextoy

Even if i'm not a active writer at the moment i do still read your blogs, hard to stop once you started.
Easy to get addicted for sure.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

What do you want?

Haven't really been as good as writing this thing as i should have been.. Life kicks in, work, private things, meetings, friends.. just life in general. Haven't really had the proper motivation to write something either.. simply cause i don't know what people find interesting i suppose and there hasn't been too much Daddy time lately. We both been busy. i wish i had more time to spread on the people and things i care about. Its getting colder and darker and suddenly friends are more important then ever. Its easy to get depressed and you have to do everything you can do not go down that road. Thats not who i am and hopefully never will be, but when life is hard.. you sometimes have to fight your way to the things that make you smile. Kinda side tracked from the subject a little.. Sorry.. Too easy to put feelings to words sometimes.

Anyway-- What do you want me to write about, or actually, what do you want to read about?


Right now all i can think about is how much i want a hand coming down on my arse.
Got a message from Daddy today that he found on the internet somwhere. "Spankings are like potato chips, just one is never enough".

So damn true.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

The power of orgasm!

i know, i know. Havent been around much lately.. actually not at all. Life has been way too busy for my own good with my new position at work, new friends and the new found urge to be super social. Starting to get to know the small gang of D/s people in town as well which is awesome. Nice not having to hide things from people.

Anyway.. As most of you already know, i have my point system for orgasms. Actually not something i've used as much as i should. Dont know why, not been in the mood i suppose.. that is until i got the new toy from eden fantasys. Just had a urge to try it the other day. i mean, i've tried my share of vibrators and stuff but omg! This thing is awesome. Its my new favourite vibrator. Its not too loud and the vibrations are just perfect. It bends too! My other vibrator just got dumped for this thing.

Would never have thought something like this could do so much. So glad i got to try it. Thanks Eden for my new sextoy!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Made my own whip..

The other day i wrote this post about how maybe i needed a new hobby. Playing with paracord to be exact. Placed a order for 3 x 10meters saturday and it arrived in the mail tuesday. Went on youtube to find that tutorial i wanted to learn from and off it went.

First try (picture below) didn't go too well since it was all made of white rope in the tutorial i missed a small detail and it ended up having only 10 tails (lacking a middle). Used grey and purple for the first one. Its pretty but.. not pretty enough. Making one takes about one hour but it is a little tricky until you get the hang of it and since paracord is kinda hard to tie you need to pull the knots pretty hard.. lets just say. i have sore hands!

 Second one was much better. i realized my mistake and set out to make a new better one. Used all the purple in the first one so this one ended up grey and black. Much better color combination if you ask me but oh well. The second one is close to perfect. It has 14 tails. Haven't tried either of them yet except for on my inner thigh and one thing is for sure. The sound of these things are worse then the bite.. but that still hurts as fuck. Not sure i want to be the subject of a hard whipping with this thing.. Ouch!

Isn't it cool thou?

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Mom expands her vocabulary

BDSM'ers don't typically talk much about their family, as the two subject don't often come up together. However...

My Mother works from home 4 days a week and uses public transportation the other day for what would be an hour commute by car. I gave her a ride home though myself. My mom works for an IT sector of a large company, however in a non IT manner, handling the more business side of the industry. It puts her in an awkward middle part of a venn diagram between understanding technology concepts and being completely inept at putting these concepts into action.

Mom was playing with my Droid2 phone and after getting over the shock of the naked slave in nadu position on my home screen she stumbled into voice activated Google search. She asks if she can search for anything and I tell her yes of course. She says she saw a word on one of those LOLcats sites and didn't understand it. She is under the mistaken impression that she has to shout in the phone for a response. So she presses the button and shouts at the top of her lungs into my phone.


10 minutes into the hour drive home.


Saturday, August 13, 2011

New hobby?

Turned on my computer to check facebook but ended up reading some of the kinkyblogs instead.
Ended up reading this post and got inspired to check out my favourite bookstore thanks to him. Found the book he recommended and the sidebar pops up saying "People buying this, also got this book..." and its one of the books by Two Knotty Boys. All that combined with the fact that a friend the other day said he was making his submissive a paracord collar got me thinking. Maybe its time i got myself a new hobby. Been thinking about trying my luck on making a whip forever! So.. why not start simple and make one with rope or in my case paracord. Found this online store that has a million colors and its cheap as hell. Might worth a try?
Anyone ever tried it? Help wouldn't hurt.